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ADHD Coaching: Find a More Fulfilling Life for Your Child...and YOU!

We understand that navigating the journey of parenting a child with ADHD can be challenging, despite your tireless efforts as their #1 support system. We hear from parents who are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted because they've sought information and consulted professionals and various specialists but still feel stuck.

As we are learning more and more every day about ADHD, it doesn't change the fact that many parents feel at the end of their rope. Whether struggling in school or at home (most often, it's both!), students with ADHD require a different supportive approach than those without ADHD, and that's okay!

We firmly believe that with the proper support and systems in place, students with ADHD can unlock their full potential and grow into confident and successful individuals at home and in any academic setting!

What is ADHD coaching?

It is a practical intervention that specifically targets the core impairments of ADHD, such as planning, time management, goal setting, organization, and problem-solving.

Let's explore whether your child could benefit from ADHD coaching–consider the following questions:

Does your child

  • Know what needs to be done but still won't do it, leaving things for the last minute or seeking activities that bring immediate gratification?

  • Find it challenging to maintain consistent energy levels, alternating between hyper-focus on certain tasks and struggling to concentrate or complete others?

  • Exhibit emotional dysregulation alternating between extreme highs and lows?

  • Misplace their personal belongings and school supplies often?

  • Overestimate or underestimate how much time various activities will take to complete?

  • Have inconsistent performance?

  • Find making decisions difficult?

  • Find it difficult to stick to structures/routines?

  • Struggle with overall self-management, lacking independence, and still resisting the need for a caregiver's support?

If any of the above descriptions sound familiar and resonate with you, it's time to take action, and we are here to help!

Discover 7 ways we empower our students and change their lives through ADHD coaching:

  1. Tailored 1:1 sessions: Our coach-approach sessions empower students to gain a compassionate understanding of themselves while fostering self-awareness. We work with our students to discover effective ways to manage themselves to help them reach their goals and dreams.

  2. Unleashing strengths and dreams: Our students discover their unique strengths, get crystal clear on their dreams, and learn what they need to reach their desired results!

  3. Embracing Motivational Interviewing: We form trusting relationships with students by adopting a collaborative and non-judgemental approach, allowing students to explore their why. We help our students light up their inner drive and take ownership of their goals.

  4. Crafting clear and attainable goals: Our students design clear and achievable goals that align with their ambitions. They break down their goals into action steps, giving them a sense of direction to move towards.

  5. Accountability, Support, and Guidance: We provide unwavering support, offering guidance and holding our students accountable as they navigate obstacles and surpass their perceived limitations.

  6. Cultivate a growth mindset: We help our students learn to practice an experimenter's mindset to learn how to fail forward, find their motivation, navigate academic and personal challenges, gain insight, foster resilience, and cultivate essential skills to empower themselves, equipping them with the abilities to overcome any roadblocks.

  7. Rediscovering self and purpose: Our coaching journey leads students to a profound discovery of their authentic selves. They emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and a deep understanding of their capabilities.

Stemming from her own journey with ADHD, Jenny Drennan founded WeThrive Learning to take her expertise, experience, and passion and turn it into a service of support for students experiencing life through the lens of ADHD.

"It's our mission to cultivate self-driven, self-aware students who discover purpose in their daily pursuits, empowering them through fostering competence, providing choice and autonomy, promoting reflection and exploration, and building trusting relationships that validate and support their journey and learning!”

To learn more about how we can support your child, please reach out for a FREE consultation, and join our community on IG by following us @wethrivelearning!

Written by Jenny Drennan (M. Ed., ET/P) and Geneva Walsh (M. Ed.)

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