We offer 1-1 support in person and virtually


 We make learning fun, accessible, and instill a growth mindset

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WeThrive Learning empowers learners and young adults with individualized instruction to help them thrive in their academic and life-setting. Our educational therapists take a student-centered strength-based approach to cultivate skills, optimize learning, and bolster motivation. 


Our goal is to make learning fun and accessible to all students and promote their development to be independent learners. We draw on best practices and the latest research in education, behavioral science, neuroscience, and psychology to reach each student, strengthen their skills, reframe their narrative, and empower them to unlock their learning potential.

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What Our Families Are Saying

Jenny is genuinely gifted in her ability to interact constructively and positively with young children.  She consistently creates an accelerated, tailored learning environment that is also fun and enjoyable for the kids.  She has the ability to work with a wide range of children, including those that are gifted and looking for advanced instruction and those that are working through specific developmental issues. Most importantly she teaches my boys how to learn, embedding a true growth mindset into her approach

7th & 5th Grade Parent

We offer 1-1 support in person and virtually

We offer 1-1 support in person and virtually