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Parent Your ADHD Child with Confidence

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In this group, you will learn: ​

  • Co-create manageable & lasting routines (HW, morning, night, hygiene, organization, and more)

  • Respond to and navigate judgment & misconceptions from family, teachers, and peers

  • Build your child’s own insights & awareness - without the lectures 

  • Balance your child’s high-interest activities with less stimulating activities 

  • Free-Up your time and theirs!

  • De-Escalate & proactively manage triggers- your child’s …AND yours!

  • Shift parenting roles - Shift your role from a manager, then a collaborator and finally a champion! 

  • Improve & nurture relationships with peers

Join Now to gain free access to…

  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Posts & videos filled with educational, coaching, and learning strategies, nuggets of knowledge about adolescent puberty & development, and motivational stories.

  • INTERACTIVE SESSIONS:  Opportunities to participate in live Q&A sessions with education experts and guest speakers.

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT:  Connect with other parents, share experiences, and learn from the community’s collective wisdom.

  • SPECIAL OFFERS:  Be the first to know about upcoming events and special offers exclusive to our group members


Jenny Drennan is a Certified Educational Therapist, Founder of WeThrive Learning, and featured speaker. Her private practice specializes in supporting students with ADHD, and math and language processing challenges. Drawing on best practices and the latest research, WeThrive Learning provides 1-1 tailored support for students and parents globally while considering their complex learning profiles.


She is certified by ImpactParents as a Sanity School® behavior therapy program trainer. Her passion, work, and insights have earned her recognition as one of the top 10 most influential educators by MSN. Additionally, her contributions and presentations have been featured at the Association of Educational Therapists, CHADD Groups, ImpactParents, LD Advisory, the International Dyslexia Society, and numerous podcasts, workshops, and parent groups.

She lives in Newport Beach, CA, with her pups and husband.

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