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WeThrive Learning empowers learners and young adults with individualized instruction to help them thrive in their academic and life settings. At WeThrive Learning, we take a student-centered strength-based coaching approach to cultivate skills and optimize learning and self-awareness. 

We offer Personalized and Tailored Services on how to approach to learning and life, so every child learns how to glow and thrive.

Our goal is to make learning fun and accessible to all students and promote their development to be independent learners and learn to manage themselves. We utilize best practices and the latest research in education, neuroscience, and psychology to reach each student, strengthen their skills, reframe their narrative, and empower them to unlock their learning potential.

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Jenny Drennan

Founder + Educational Therapist

Jenny Drennan is a Certified Educational Therapist, Founder of WeThrive Learning, and featured speaker. Her private practice specializes in supporting students with ADHD, and math and language processing challenges. Drawing on best practices and the latest research, WeThrive Learning provides 1-1 tailored support for students and parents globally while considering their complex learning profiles.


She is certified by ImpactParents as a Sanity School® behavior therapy program trainer. Her passion, work, and insights have earned her recognition as one of the top 10 most influential educators by MSN. Additionally, her contributions and presentations have been featured at the Association of Educational Therapists, CHADD Groups, ImpactParents, LD Advisory, the International Dyslexia Society, and numerous podcasts, workshops, and parent groups.

She lives in Newport Beach, CA, with her pups and husband.

Jess Ellsworth

Clinic Coordinator

Meet Jess Ellsworth, our extraordinary Clinic Coordinator at We Thrive Learning, our passionate leader and driving force behind our team and family management. Jess's journey is a testament to the power of dedication and passion.


With a diverse background spanning forensic science, non-profit management, executive assistance, and event planning, Jess brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our mission.


Driven by empathy and compassion, Jess's commitment to child welfare shines through her years as a foster parent. Her optimism and hope are a guiding light, reminding us that diverse backgrounds and passions can unite to create meaningful change.


At We Thrive Learning, she embodies our mission, showing that dedication and compassion can shape a brighter future for all.

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