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There are several reasons a child can struggle with math, hence the need for a range of strategies and modalities to be used and taught is critical to respond to the learner's needs. What works for one student may not work for the other. We incorporate hands-on material to construct the math and translate abstract concepts into visual representations.

Our multisensory instructions help students "see" the math, allowing them to identify relationships, illustrate numerical expressions, reason, generalize their understanding, and think of numbers flexibly. In addition to considering factors that could affect the individual, such as memory, sequencing, flexibility, recall, processing, and more, we respond to the student's affect and self-belief. In the teaching process, we champion risk-taking, learn something from each mistake, promote self-confidence, and change students' beliefs in themselves so they value their efforts and the learning process.

• Number sense
• Conceptual understanding
• Spatial Sense
• Reasoning
• Estimation
• Patterns
• Flexible thinking and problem solving
• Analyze & target error patterns
• Reduce math anxiety
• Develop a math mindset

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