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Parent Behavioral Management

The parent role is crucial when it comes to supporting a complex kid. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends medication and parent training as the first line of treatment for parents of kids with ADHD and other executive function issues. Without parent training, the treatment for executive function challenges is not comprehensive with medication alone. Whether they have ADHD, executive dysfunction, emotional regulation challenges, or other learning differences, the action starts with the parents! 


We work 1-1 with parents to address the family’s individual needs and help restore the child-parent relationship. As a certified Sanity School Trainer, our coach approach helps parents increase their awareness, take on new perspectives, and learn strategies that create a positive and connected environment.


Partnering with parents, we will support the family through

  • Meeting them where they are and raising the bar from there 

  • Getting to the root cause and point of performance

  • Setting up an appropriate environment

  • Understanding how the brain’s neurological structure influences behavior

  • Shifting perspective, managing triggers, and shedding judgment

  • Providing tools that help parents set realistic expectations

  • Offering parent accountability, challenging limitations

  • Shifting ownership and independence to student 

  • Championing and leading from inspiration 

  • Encouraging change, celebrating victories as a team


Our approach helps parents become calmer and more confident in raising complex kids, which leads to changes in the tone of the home, transforming the parents’ world in a powerful way! As a result, children find success, family life improves, and all parties feel a greater sense of balance and fulfillment in their lives.


While children do not age out of these challenges, with appropriate training, parents can support their kids as they learn to manage and navigate the way their brain is wired, helping them understand themselves to manage themselves for the rest of their life!

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