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Drawing a Straight Line

Written Expression

Writing is very taxing and requires a lot of mental effort and juggling of executive function skills. We bring calm to the writing process by explicitly teaching brainstorming, planning, revising, and editing strategies. In addition to focusing on the writing process, we teach students the various sentence structures so they craft precise, meaningful, and engaging sentences. Using multisensory techniques and evidence-based, proven instructional methodologies, we break the writing process into manageable chunks with extensive and deliberate practice to transform students into strong, skilled, confident writers.


  • Vocabulary 

  • Idea generation

  • Sentence structure 

  • Elaboration

  • Planning and outlining

  • Organization 

  • Concise writing to convey ideas 

  • Emphasis on revision skills 

  • Editing

  • Researching skills 

  • Essay writing

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