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We make learning fun, accessible, and instill a growth mindset!

Meet The Team


Jenny Aguilar, 

A certified educational therapist and an active member of the Association of Educational Therapists, Jenny Aguilar specializes in supporting students with AD/HD and math or writing challenges. She holds a Master's degree in Education, a teaching credential from Pepperdine University, and an educational therapy certificate from the University of California, Riverside.  Jenny has over 10 years of teaching students in the private and public school sector and coaching students 1-1.  


She is trained in the following evidence-based programs: Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood Bell’s Visualize and Verbalize, Singapore Math, and Mortensen Math. In addition to having completed the JST- Coaching and Training Teens and College Students with AD/HD program, an ICF- accreditated course, Jenny has completed a year-long course, by the renowned Peg Dawson, to support the development of executive function skills for elementary and teen students. She’s passionate about instilling a growth mindset into all students, enhancing their confidence, reframing their narrative, and making learning fun and accessible.


In her free time, Jenny enjoys cuddling with her pups, running, and eating froyo!


Lori Reardon,
Math & Executive Function Specialist

Lori Reardon, math specialist and executive function coach, is described by students as being patient, caring, and creative. Lori has over 30 years of teaching experience in both public and private school settings. She has a Bachelor’s of Education degree in Mathematics and a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching and Curriculum. In addition, Lori holds a California Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Single Subject Authorization in Mathematics. After working with students in the classroom and seeing many struggle with organization and planning skills, she decided to pursue training by Peg Dawson to coach students with executive dysfunction. 


She has taught students from 5th grade (multiple subjects) through high school (math and English Language Arts), has been a literacy coach, teacher trainer, math consultant, workshop presenter, and most recently executive function coach. She loves learning and is constantly searching to find materials and programs to engage and build students’ confidence, and works hard to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Lori engages students with creative projects that teach students how math is applied in the real world and makes it fun! 


Lori is an avid reader, a proud Canadian, mom of two sons, and likes to keep active by walking, cycling, hiking, and trying new things

Debbie Photo.jpg

Debbie Hudson,
Educational Therapist/ Math Specialist

Debbie has over 20 years of experience teaching math in the private and public sectors. She studied Math-Economics as an undergraduate, then earned a Master’s in Education and a teaching credential from UCLA. After speaking with her students about their specific learning differences, Debbie became interested in educational therapy. Listening to students’ accounts of how they learn and what they need from teachers prompted Debbie to find out more about how to meet the needs of her students. She recently earned a Certificate of Educational Therapy from UC Riverside. Debbie has taught all levels of math from middle school to AP Calculus and AP Statistics. She enjoys reading, attending musicals, and outdoor exercise.

Jacqueline Sol.png

Jacqueline Arellano, 
Learning Specialist

Jacqueline is a passionate educator with 8 years of teaching experience. She spent 6 years as a certified special education teacher in New York City, and two years abroad as an English teacher in Spain. Her teaching philosophy focuses on how every student has a unique story and centers around holistic strengths-based learning. She believes cultivating one-on-one connections and building upon student passions can drive motivation, growth, and resilience. She earned her master’s in education from Long Island University in NYC and is currently studying at Columbia University to complete her master’s in social work. Her ultimate goal is to become a school social worker and therapist, and she has experience as a mental health counselor. 


Jacqueline is a music enthusiast and loves going to concerts as well as festivals. She also enjoys going to parks, relaxing at the beach, and discovering art at museums. Traveling is a huge part of her life, as she has an eternal love for exploring and seeking new adventures.


Natalie Franks, 
Reading Specialist

Natalie has over 25 years of experience teaching in public, private, charter, and homeschool settings. After raising two children with language-based learning differences, Natalie decided to pursue extensive training through the International Dyslexia Association, NILD, and UC Riverside’s Educational Therapy Program. Her desire to help them and other struggling students launched her into the world of educational therapy. She is passionate about teaching every child to read and cultivates their love of literature and reading.

During her free time, Natalie enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with family and friends, and walking her beloved pup, Rio! She also loves traveling to England and Switzerland to visit her favorite people, her sister and mom.

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Geneva Walsh,
Clinic Manager

To ensure our office runs smoothly and in tip-top shape, Geneva, our office manager, makes magic happen. She is responsible for coordinating a broad range of services, including administrative duties, research, scheduling, and invoicing. Geneva Walsh has worked in education for over 15 years and has a passion for teaching, learning, and advocating for children and families. After graduating from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, she lived and taught in North Carolina before settling back in her home state of Michigan, where she obtained her master's degree in education, taught preschool, and enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom for several years.


Alongside her work advocating for families, Geneva enjoys writing, spending time with her three kids (ages 8, 11, and 12), hanging with her hilarious puppy, creating digital artwork, and exploring new places. Geneva loves offering support to the wonderful families we serve here at WeThrive Learning!


Kelsey Marquette,
Math Specialist

Kelsey Marquette is a dynamic educator with nine years of experience teaching math at the high school and college levels. She is licensed in teaching 5th-12th grade mathematics and holds a master's degree in applied math. During her time in the classroom, Kelsey found she wanted to dive more deeply into learning with students on a 1:1 basis. She is currently working on a certificate in Educational Therapy from the University of California, Riverside. Kelsey is passionate about providing individualized support for students, celebrating incremental success, and helping students see that anyone who practices math is a mathematician! 


Kelsey spends most of her free time enjoying the perpetual California sunshine with her family. She is a firm believer in impromptu kitchen dance parties and never says no to playing trains or reading yet another picture book with her toddler. 

CLS III Professional Pic.jpg

Dr. Charles Sexton III

Math Specialist

Dr. Charles Sexton's appreciation for mathematics and education began in middle school, which developed into a passion for helping students find success and confidence in math! With over 20 years of teaching and leadership experience, he has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of a wide range of middle, high, and college students. With a bachelor's degree in mathematics, a master's degree in educational administration, and a doctorate in educational leadership and management, Charles has served as a mathematics professor, department chair, curriculum writer, assistant editor, and mathematical instructional specialist. To prepare students for success outside of school, Charles strives to improve instructional development, delivery, and assessments while partnering with schools, specialists, students, and families to create a support team. In addition, Charles enjoys exercising, relaxing in the yard, and visiting family during his free time. During the pandemic, Charles used his growth mindset and improved his culinary skills, and he now enjoys cooking for the family. He is thrilled to bring his education, experience, and love of math to the families at WeThrive Learning!


Lee Green, 
Student Executive Function Coach

Lee Green has a master’s degree in special education from Long Island University. As a person with ADHD, he is passionate about working with families to advocate for all his students’ needs. He incorporates mindfulness as a practice in his everyday life and shares its importance with all his students. Lee uses a coach approach to expand his students’ life skills and self-awareness, improve executive function, and foster social-skill development through research-driven, best-practice strategies. With over 27 years of education experience, Lee is a certified special education teacher and a student coach for complex kids. In addition, Lee has a psychology degree and a music minor.


Lee loves to cook for his family and enjoys spending time with his two golden retrievers, Bentley and Theo. He loves supporting students and families here at WeThrive Learning!