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What's the #1 Thing Every Parent Wants for Their Child?
For them to be happy and live a fulfilling life!

At the heart of every parent's dream is the desire for their child to be happy and live a fulfilling life! Yet, as your children grow, they may resist your help, even when they still need it! This dynamic can leave you feeling lost and unsure of how to approach your child without starting another argument.

This is why we have developed a course packed with videos with practical strategies you can implement at home to accelerate your child's growth, foster their happiness, and help you restore your relationship with them. Each video will complement our coaching with research and strategies to create a more peaceful and connected household while nurturing your child’s joy, drive, and independence. 

Does this Sound Like You?

  • Whenever I try to talk to my child, they shut me down. I feel helpless and disconnected. 

  • I need to remind my child of everything, or nothing gets done. 

  • Mornings are always stressful! We are constantly late, angry, rushed, and scattered.

  • I'm constantly battling my fear for my child’s safety while giving them space to grow independently. 

  • I worry about my child’s future because they don’t seem to care about their grades or success.

  • Managing my own emotions and the rest of the family while maintaining stability and supporting my child is difficult.

  • I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed and defeated at home. 

  • I anxiously wonder if my child is making the right choices.

And receive our series of videos… For FREE :)   

What You Can Expect:

  1. Enhanced Communication Skills: Learn powerful communication tools to foster a supportive and nonjudgmental environment, instill hope in your child, encourage belief and trust, and promote an open and trusted dialogue with your child.

  2. Strategies to Promote Agency & a Sense of Control: Discover ways to transfer ownership of their responsibilities to your child and the problem-solving skills they need to tackle life's challenges confidently and make informed decisions.

  3. Accelerated Growth: Empower your child with our innovative coaching and learning strategies at home so we can extend the benefits of our coaching into their daily life! 

  4. Shift Perspectives: Gain insights into how the brain’s neurological structure influences behavior to adjust your expectations and shift your perspective to meet your child where they are to offer the appropriate support they need to excel and elevate their confidence. 

  5. Improved Relationships: Learn small yet impactful ways to reconnect with your child and show them how much they matter. 

  6. More .. More… and More!: We will be adding new videos, webinars, and other free resources based on feedback from parents, teachers, students, and the latest research we believe is important to address. You can choose the most relevant videos to you and your household or watch them all!

And receive our series of videos… For FREE :)   


Jenny Drennan is a Certified Educational Therapist, Founder of WeThrive Learning, and featured speaker. Her private practice specializes in supporting students with ADHD, and math and language processing challenges. Drawing on best practices and the latest research, WeThrive Learning provides 1-1 tailored support for students and parents globally while considering their complex learning profiles.


She is certified by ImpactParents as a Sanity School® behavior therapy program trainer. Her passion, work, and insights have earned her recognition as one of the top 10 most influential educators by MSN. Additionally, her contributions and presentations have been featured at the Association of Educational Therapists, CHADD Groups, ImpactParents, LD Advisory, the International Dyslexia Society, and numerous podcasts, workshops, and parent groups.

She lives in Newport Beach, CA, with her pups and husband.


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