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WeThrive Learning: Nurturing Success Through Advocacy and Support

In a candid interview with Jenny Drennan, the founder of WeThrive Learning, we delve into the motivations, goals, and accomplishments that have shaped this unique educational therapy initiative. Jenny, an immigrant and a child with ADHD, found her calling in helping students navigate challenges similar to those she faced. The journey of WeThrive Learning began as a response to the stressors faced by students in schools, where emotional regulation and educational therapy became the key to supporting them.

The Genesis of WeThrive Learning

Jenny's personal experiences as an immigrant and a child with ADHD shaped her path toward education. Mentors and teachers played a pivotal role in making a significant difference in her life. As a teacher, she noticed the struggles many students faced, leading her to explore educational therapy as a means to provide personalized support. After-school one-on-one sessions became her entryway to making a profound impact on individual students.

Goal for Each Student: Building Confidence and Advocacy

Jenny's vision for WeThrive Learning is clear – to boost confidence in students and empower them to advocate for themselves. Beyond academic success, she believes in preparing students to succeed in life by fostering self-awareness. Advocacy, in her eyes, involves students knowing their strengths and challenges, knowing when to seek and ask for help, and being willing to accept help when needed. For Jenny, the most rewarding accomplishment lies in the relationships forged with families. Receiving messages from students years after their sessions and sharing how WeThrive Learning made a lasting impact brings immense joy. Advocating for the BIPOC community, supporting youth mental health, and striving to close the achievement gap stand out as significant achievements.

Research that Fuels the Passion

The foundation of WeThrive Learning is built on research that highlights the importance of relationships—studies from Hawaii emphasizing the impact of having one supportive person. Sometimes, as Jenny has experienced, just having one person in a child’s corner can make all the difference. Even when things get hard, if you know someone believes in you, it feels like you can conquer whatever is happening. Also, understanding brain science and neural pathways informs WeThrive Learning’s approach to addressing imbalances that affect both learning and emotional well-being.

Bridging Gaps for the Neurodivergent Community

Jenny identifies gaps in insurance coverage for support and a need for a change in curriculum that addresses the diverse ways students learn. WeThrive Learning aims to bridge these gaps by blending educational therapy practices with coaching services. The unique approach of WeThrive empowers students to choose strategies that resonate with them. A distinctive aspect of WeThrive Learning is its commitment to looking at the whole child, focusing on the process rather than just outcomes. By blending educational therapy with coaching services, they empower students to actively participate in their growth and development.

WeThrive Learning, under the guidance of Jenny Drennan, stands as a beacon of support and advocacy in the education landscape. Their commitment to empowering students and addressing gaps in support demonstrates a holistic approach to education that goes beyond the confines of traditional learning environments. There are big goals for 2024, and beyond! Looking ahead, Jenny envisions taking WeThrive Learning to the masses for free, starting with public schools. Increased support for the BIPOC community and LGBTQ+ individuals is a priority. Additionally, she aspires to write a book, sharing her experiences and insights.

To experience the success and vision that Jenny has and is casting for the community at WeThrive Learning, visit us at and Book a Call Today! Follow us on our social medias @wethrivelearning to keep up with all the tips and resources that we share. 

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